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Hidden Valley Elementary School

Reporting Absences

 You may report your child's absences (Mrs. Robertson) as follows:

 Please report your child's name, teacher, date of absence, and your name and relationship to the child.

 District policy states that absences must be cleared within 72 hours or will remain unexcused.

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See the "Registration" tab for more information for registering all grades


All In One Day is August 9th. 9:00-11:30 am and 5:00-7:30 pm. This is the day returning students and newly registered students (ie  students that were registered between February 6th-June 22) can find out the class assignment (who the teacher is). This will be in the MU.


Parents need to bring the updated contact information that was sent home with the students the week before school let out (or mailed out to new parents). These should be checked over carefully and signed by a parent. If you DO NOT have this form, you can go to the office starting August 1st to get one. Please ONLY make changes to contact information. Use blue, red ink or pencil, black ink is hard to read. You may also use "HOMELINK" to update your information, then print it out to return it to school on August 9th.


Kindergarten Meet & Greet is August 15th. Parents meet in the MU (cafeteria), at 12:45 pm, then visit classrooms afterwards (1:30 pm - 2:15 pm).


School starts August 16th.


Fingerprinting appointments to volunteer at MDUSD schools

If you would like to volunteer to work in your child's classroom, you must be fingerprinted with Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Please click here to access their webpage.

Change of Address

If you move from your current address, please come into the school office to complete a Change of Address form. Please bring verification (current driver license and any two (2) of the following: current vehicle registration, tax return, voter registration, property tax bill, rental/lease agreement, other government issued document or payroll stubs/checks) that shows your new address. We do not accept any utility (such as PG&E, water bills, etc) P.O. Box, telephone bills or deeds.

If you move out of our district and would like your student to stay at Hidden Valley, you have two weeks to obtain a release from the new district.



ed1stop is an award winning Web portal service that provides access to both subscription-based services and free educational Web sites. These resources have been selected to help teachers and students meet state standards. Please check with your teacher for login information. 

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